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It is exciting that Ristretto Rain was launched for pre-order just yesterday (via Kindle only for now) and today it became #1 on Amazon for books related to coffee or tea (tens of thousands of such books). Ristretto Rain is a novel about love, human secrets finding resolutions, set in the back drop of Washington’s San Juan Islands and fine coffee making and brewing. You pre-order a Kindle copy here.

Ristretto Rain is Here!

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Paperback: 978-0-9977591-6-7

Kindle: 978-0-9977591-7-4

Hardback (not available until August): 978-0-9977591-8-1

What does great coffee roasting, wooden boats, and Washington’s San Juan Islands have in common? A mysterious sea-drifter named Winston and a barista named Halem. He has the uncanny ability to peer into the depths of people’s souls. She is lost within the labyrinth of her own anguish. Is he her savior or swindler?

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The Guarantee:

As an author, I’m asking you to please buy a copy of my book. I will say something strange and that is, buy it from compassion if you must. Why compassion? While I’ve been writing for twenty years, this year I was forced to end my 38-year career in migraine medicine due to cancer (Multiple Myeloma). It has been a huge setback to go from being very active with a busy career, to home bound. I’ve turned to writing as my escape and it brings me tremendous joy. However, I do need an audience to continue. It is very hard for a small independent publisher to squeeze into the crowded market. If you buy the book, read it of course. Then, if you do not think it is one of the best books you have ever read, send it back to me and I will refund your money. But if you think it is as good as my manuscript readers says it is, then pass the word. Write reviews. Help to me to create this audience. Thanks for giving me a chance! Mike

What People are Saying About Ristretto Rain

“What a fascinating love story that takes you into the heart of the San Juan Islands.”

If you’ve ever been to the San Juan Islands you know how beautiful they are. If not, this story will help you feel like you are right there with these intriguing characters. I found myself wanting to be friends with several.

This story has romance, humor and some encouraging story lines that can help you to remember to be kind to others while offering forgiveness to others when possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I could almost smell the coffee beans roasting. Have your favorite cup of joe ready before you sit down to read.

This coffee infused story, set in the San Juan islands of the Pacific Northwest, is a little romance, a little self-discovery, and a slice of small community life, with all of the necessary quirky characters and pride. Thoroughly enjoyable summer read!

Very well written book, not only entertaining but, also educational. Combined many of my interests in boating, San Juan Islands and of course coffee. Good example of the value of active listening and forgiveness.

Long Summary

Halem, one of Seattle’s finest coffee roasters and baristas, comes to a gorgeous but remote harbor in Washington’s San Juan Islands to escape her dark past. She learns the tastes of her eccentric customers and serves them well. One day, a mysterious and handsome man comes rowing into the village from somewhere in the Pacific. He has the uncanny ability to peer into her soul as well as the souls of the coffee shop patrons and puts his finger on their greatest emotional needs. Is he her savior who can lead her out of own emotional labyrinth or just a swindler? Will she find her life’s greatest love fulfilled in him or her greatest heartache?

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