About The Stones of Yemen

This is a story about bereavement. It is also a story about romantic love, political hate, retribution, forgiveness, and hope told on the backstory of Yemen’s brutal civil war. It is an “Upmarket Suspense,” in other words, a thinking thriller, with plausible characters living in a believable world.

Bryan Rogers takes a sabbatical from his physician associate neurosurgery position in Seattle, to sail around the world. It is a time of reflection for him, the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 disaster, when he lost his father, his best friend, a medic trying to rescue people in the South Tower.

When he is halfway through his trip, as he sailing through the Bab al-Mandab strait, that narrow body of water between Yemen and Djibouti, Bryan imagines he hears the voices of Yemen’s children of war, calling him to come and help them. Bryan enters the bloody civil war as medical worker with the International Rescue Committee’s clinic in a remote mountain oasis. There his love of medicine is rekindled, and his love for Yemen and her people realized. However, soon he learns of a plot to bring an even great act of terrorism to the world and only he can stop it. A around-the-world chase ensues.

Bryan, while an imperfect man, is a character that physician associates everywhere will be proud of. My editor and several PAs have predicted that this book will become the favorite novel of PAs everywhere. Time will tell.

The book can be ordered on paperback, hardcover, and Kindle from Amazon, here. From Barnes and Noble, here.

An audiobook version is available here.

The official launch date is Jan 31, 2023. After that the book in all its forms, paperback, hardcover, kindle, and audiobook will be available. All book stores, even the local mom and pop bookstores can order the book by the title and author.

You can ask any question about the book, the story, the writing, or whatever via this email. I will try to answer as many as possible. Please do not spam this address with extraneous mail: thestonesofyemen@gmail.com .


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