Robert Eisner is a brilliant neurosurgeon, with a gift for seeing mathematical patterns in nature. This gift allows him to find an innovative way to fix spinal cord injuries. However, his dream of saving the world’s para and quadriplegics, becomes maliciously entangled in the American medical-business complex. What happens when Mack Pendleton, a billionaire financier, takes Dr. Eisner’s genius in a new and dark direction? Can Becky, his wife, or Bryan Rogers, a surgical PA, save Robert and his dream before it is too late?

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Scheduled to be published by the end of 2018 by Mount Erie Press




J. Michael Jones has published more than thirty articles in national and international journals, and this is his fifth book. He lives in Anacortes with his wife Denise. Between them, they have successfully raised five great children. They have traveled the world looking for wisdom, adventure, and creativity. Mike has practiced medicine as a Neurology PA for thirty-six years. His experience of trying to practice compassionate medicine, within the complex world of American medical business, is the watershed for the medical thriller, The Waters of Bimini.