Robert Eisner is a brilliant neurosurgeon, with a gift for seeing patterns in nature. This gift allows him to find a way to coax severed nerves to regrow and reattach. This opens the door to fulfill his dream of bringing a cure to the world’s three million sufferers of spinal cord injuries. However, Dr. Eisner’s dream becomes entangled in the American medical-business complex. What happens when Mack Pendleton, a billionaire financier. takes this discovery in a new and dark direction that Dr. Eisner never imagined in his worst nightmare? 

The manuscript is complete and has been accepted for publication. It is also being pitched by literary agents to major publishing houses. Therefore it will be in local and web-based book stores, such as Amazon, by the end of the year, or in the case of a major publisher acquiring the rights, it could be early 2018. We will keep the public updated here.

If you want a free preview of the whole manuscript you can view it via its entry in the Inkitt writing competition, here. The version of the manuscript in the contest is about 98% of the final (with 2% later editing). If you do decide to read this free version, I only ask that you write a review on Inkitt.

If you simply want to see the synopsis of Waters of Bimini, you can go here. A word of warning, the synopsis is a spoiler.

With Waters of Bimini now complete and “tucked in” ready to go, this week I started doing background research and actually writing the next novel, Rock Harbor, a philosophical mystery.