Finished my two rounds of harsh chemo at the University of Washington Medical Center. Doing okay (the real side effects from it does not typically kick in for about 5 days). Had to have a blood transfusion during the middle of the night because my blood counts got so low. First time I’ve ever had blood. Donated a lot but never have received. I will probably have several more before this is over. I am now sleep deprived.

Tomorrow is a day of rest. Then on Wednesday and Thursday, I till have infusions of my stem cells.

Kidneys are still doing okay. We will see where they are at when this is all over.

Walked 5 miles in the hallways of the hospital yesterday (that’s 60 laps). I am shooting for 3 miles today and the rest of the week.

Denise is sleeping in my bed right now (it is 2:50 PM), which is a good thing because she is not sleeping well when she goes “home” to our downtown Seattle apartment. She has too much on her mind between what is happening to me, what is happening at our house in Anacortes, and what is happening at her work.



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8 responses to “UPDATE:6/10/19”

  1. Yeah, Mike, made it thru that nasty chem. Praying that the residual will be merciful to you!!! Onward and forward!!!🙏🙏


  2. Thanks for your update and yes you both have a lot going on. We have been in Mexico for two weeks and we’re very appreciative of your blog. We pray for your recovery and a good quality of life. Bless you


  3. Praying for you! I’m hoping there is no complication with the infusion of your stem cells and your kidneys stay stable. Hang in there..I’m also hoping the chemo isn’t hitting you too rough.


  4. Thanks for your status reports.  Our ACRC men’s group prayed for you and Denise last night at BJ’s.  God Bless!         Chuck


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