UPDATE: 12/1/19

This is brief follow up since my last posting about my health status.

  1. I’ve started a new medication (propranolol) to try and control the muscle twitching  and so far there are some positive signs but improvement is not clear.
  2. My renal labs, which I shared in great detail previously. . .  well, it turns out they were given to me by error by my doctor’s office. Those were not my new labs as they thought but were a test done months ago. In summary, my immediate labs, like potassium, look better than previous thought, however, my longer term labs, creatinine, looked a little worse than thought.
  3. My test to monitor the evil proteins that my cancer is still on a steady decline (see the graph below) which means that we do not change the chemo yet. The goal is below 21 and it is around 100 now.
  4. I’m still feeling much better as my anemia is improving and we had a great Thanksgiving with three of our boys.

Lambda Light Chain Since Stem Cell Transplant

Thanks for your support and prayers. Still my three greatest hopes is a. my renal function would improve, b. the cancer would eventually go into remission, and c. my neuro-motor problems would heal.



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5 responses to “UPDATE: 12/1/19”

  1. Always sending prayers your way for your continued healing and great amounts of kindness to be given to you, just as you have done for so many others in your lifetime!!! Thank you for all your updates as many of us think of you all the time!


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