Gratitude and Update

I really want to thank all the kind people here who have purchased Ristretto Rain. My goal was to have a big enough audience to keep on writing. Writing helps to fulfill that big void I have from suddenly loosing my career. I feel that I have accomplished this writing goal at this moment.

Now, I need your feedback. Reviews on Amazon are extremely important and some bookstores will not even carry a book unless it has had a certain number of reviews (from 10 to 20).

I realize that some of you people, because you are so kind, bought the book . . . well, out of pity for me. But even if you did, please read it! If you liked it, please write a review on Amazon. If you didn’t like the book, that’s helpful to know too. Send me a message about what you didn’t like about it. I am always trying to do better.

Medical Update:

I have had all my tests done, except for two types of full body scans (Dex scan and full body MRI bone marrow). I’ve been trying to get these test done since May 18. The blood tests, so far have been relatively good. The cancer is there, but how much is not clear. The bone marrow (which I had last week) will tell us directly how much cancer is there when I see the reports next week. And the scans, if I can ever get someone to do them, will tell me if I have other lesions outside my marrow. I had one such lesion prior to my transplant.

My labs that look at my immune system show that it is virtually healthy, healthy enough that I started my childhood immunizations all over again on Tuesday (I had seven shots). I’ve felt crummy since, but that’s not a big deal.

I still ask for prayer for marrow involvement to be less than 10%. More than 10% means there is big trouble that needs further aggressive treatment.



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6 responses to “Gratitude and Update”

  1. Best of luck with the rest of the yesterday and sorry you have to deal with all of this during a pandemic.
    Not only did I buy the book (not out of pity as I know how good of a writer you are), but it was my first ever Kindle purchase! I live in an 800 SQ ft house so can’t own books, though I much prefer a book to e-reader.
    Hopefully we will both have more in the future -you writing and me purchasing.


    • Looking forward to your take on the psychological pathology written within the narratives of the lives of the characters. There is one character dealing with colon cancer that you will discover.


  2. Mike, Good news all around! So glad. I have purchased your book and it is next up on my reading list. Will be more than happy to review it on Amazon.

    So, are you and Denise up for a socially distanced glass of wine outside some evening around a fire pit? We should get together sometime.

    Ann Ann Hutchinson Meyers 210-213-0320

    “The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson



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