They’re Gone

Our hearts are heavy, pulled into the earth like a stone.

The swing is straight and still, strung to the ground like a plumb.

Their absence penetrates all the busy places with silence once more.

Goodbye dear children … please, oh please come again.

Published by J. Michael Jones

J. Michael Jones is a writer and PA who lives in Anacortes, Washington. He is the father of five children, who are now grown and out discovering this wonderful world on their own. He has previously focused his writing on non-fiction including medical topics and issues of the philosophy of Christian thought. With the success of his last book, Butterflies in the Belfry, Michael is now moving into fiction with his first novel, The Waters of Bimini.

3 thoughts on “They’re Gone

  1. The cry of many a parental heart…beautiful Mike. Is there a poem for when they are on their way to visit!? or here?!


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