Health Update 9/14/21-Follow Up

My PET scan is complete. The results show five small bony lytic lesions BUT those are typical for active Multiple Myeloma, even MM in remission. The thing we were worried about, pain in my right ribs (small area) x 4 months, did not show cancer-related findings. That pain came on after spending several hours per day for two days INSIDE my pizza oven, chiseling out old bricks and putting in new ones. So I can just caulk it up to old-man injury.

I will also mention that I had new cancer labs come in since 9/14/21 and my major cancer labs (lambda light chains), which had been steadily going up since April, showed a slight decline. That was nice to hear.

As always, thanks for your interest and there should be no more updates for a while unless something major changes.

As always, thanks for your interest and support. I hope you are doing well.



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5 responses to “Health Update 9/14/21-Follow Up”

  1. Thanks for the update Mike. I appreciate being able to follow along and provide support in any way I can. Stay well.


  2. glad to hear this good news Mike! and i got a chuckle out of your “old man” injury especially considering that you probably do far more than many folks your age! :-))


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