Ramblings: The Way of Laughter

You would think that the act of laughing would carry no controversy. But it does. I’ve been thinking about writing about laughter for some time. Actually, as I’m finishing my new novel Retribution, one of many possible next books, would be me trying to write a funny novel, a story about growing up in theContinue reading “Ramblings: The Way of Laughter”

Ramblings: Western Medicine, One Critique

I have shared my opinions a few times when it comes to alternative and complimentary health care (CAM). My major gripe with them is calling something a treatment or cure with no supporting evidence (or worse, lying about the evidence). But, CAM has done a much better job in creating a empathic relationship with theContinue reading “Ramblings: Western Medicine, One Critique”

Ramblings: Remembering 9-11, A Different Perspective

With so much written about 9-11 in the past and on this memorial, I wanted to add to the conversation. But I wanted to add something concise, meaningful, . . . and different. There were 19 men assigned to carry out this attack plus Osama bin Laden and his associates who planned it. This wasContinue reading “Ramblings: Remembering 9-11, A Different Perspective”