Ristretto Rain: So Close, I Can Smell the Ink

Ristretto Rain goes to the presses next week and will be available in bookstores soon after. Here is a blurb: Halem, one of Seattle’s finest coffee roasters and baristas, comes to a gorgeous but remote harbor in Washington’s San Juan Islands to escape her dark past. One day, a mysterious and handsome man comes rowingContinue reading “Ristretto Rain: So Close, I Can Smell the Ink”

Ramblings: Writing is Like Coal Mining

There was a time in my life, where I imagined that writing books would be a lot of fun. In my very first book (A Kernel in the Pod), which I wrote back in the mid nineties, I describe how my perfect life would be a children’s book writer, living in Zermatt, Switzerland, earning sixContinue reading “Ramblings: Writing is Like Coal Mining”

Ramblings: The South Shall (not) Rise Again!

I am a product of the south. There are many things that a true southern should be proud about. . . our Confederate history, not one of them. The code name that we southern’s like to use for the support of the Confederacy is “our heritage.” Putting it within that narrative makes it sound likeContinue reading “Ramblings: The South Shall (not) Rise Again!”

Ramblings: The Art of Dissembling; (The Great Chasm Between Our True Selves, and the Selves that we Project)

What would it be like if you had no mental filters? Whatever you thought, you said? I knew a man who had this problem, due to a traumatic brain injury. I will never forget the first thing he said to me, ‘Your breath stinks like coffee.” I would have taken offense, but I knew hisContinue reading “Ramblings: The Art of Dissembling; (The Great Chasm Between Our True Selves, and the Selves that we Project)”

Ramblings: When You Live in a Burning House, it’s Hard to See the World

I’m living in a burning house. It isn’t the first time. Virtually everyone who reads this has–if not presently–lived in a burning house. While it may not be cancer, failing health, and lost careers, it could have been a husband asking for a divorce (out of the blue), a daughter who attempts (or succeeds in)Continue reading “Ramblings: When You Live in a Burning House, it’s Hard to See the World”

Update: 6/6/20 – A Taste of Normalcy

Some good news is that my son Ramsey got tested for the COVID-19 virus and was negative so he could come home from Seattle to stay in our house. Because of my precautions, I cannot have contact even with my own children. Now, he is here to isolate with me. I’m excited today because IContinue reading “Update: 6/6/20 – A Taste of Normalcy”

Ramblings: Personal Responsibility, the Crux of the Divide

With all the fog of political divides, it is sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. It appears that there are a thousand issues that separate the political right from the left without an unifying theme. It appears that racially-motivated police brutality of people is yet another unrelated issue in which we disagree.Continue reading “Ramblings: Personal Responsibility, the Crux of the Divide”