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The mission of Naked Christian Press is to create a place for thoughtful ideas that assist the Church in returning to its simple roots.

The first book published under this cover will be; Butterflies in the Belfry, Serpents in the Cellar;  An Unintended Pursuit for a Raw Christianity, by J. Michael Jones.

At this juncture, we expect the book to be available by January 2017 at all major bookstores.

Future titles may include:

1) Made Fearfully; Celebrating the Gifts of Fear and Anxiety.

2) The Fellowship of Thomas; Celebrating the Gifts of Doubt and Skepticism.

3) The Fellowship of Elijah; Celebrating the Gifts of Depression and Grief.

We are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts for consideration of publication. We may in the future.

Our Address:

Naked Christian Press

1004 Commercial Ave. # 545

Anacortes, WA 98221


2 thoughts on “Naked Christian Press

  1. We are a small work and don’t have a publishing rep. Because we have spent our budget getting this book to the market, we now must rely on the good will of people and our hard work (for free) getting the word out. Why do you ask?


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