Ramblings: Philosophical Presuppositions Regarding Our View of Nature

Based on several discussions I’ve had lately, I wanted to discuss the foundational views of nature and how those views profoundly influence the way we live. These presuppositions influence our view of things like COVID-19 and cancer. While this is NOT an article about either COVID-19 or cancer, I can use them as examples ofContinue reading “Ramblings: Philosophical Presuppositions Regarding Our View of Nature”

Ramblings: Truth Exhaustion

I approach this topic with trepidation because I know how easily I can be misunderstood. But I was thinking, what is the greatest challenge to my own joy? Is the fact that I have cancer and it can return any day? Is it the fact that my life most likely has been shorten? Is itContinue reading “Ramblings: Truth Exhaustion”

Ramblings: Zen and the Art of House Painting

I hate painting houses with a passion. Yet, that is how I’ve spent my summer so far. Up on ladders, brush in hand, paint on my nose. But it is nothing new. I painted our houses in Marquette, Michigan, Duluth, Minnesota, Spring Valley, Minnesota, and our previous house here in Anacortes. I never painted ourContinue reading “Ramblings: Zen and the Art of House Painting”

Ramblings: A Sunny Sunday’s Hodgepodge

I’m not sure what it is. A bright sunny day in a cloudless sky, perhaps. The perfect temperature (at our house as it varies widely on our little island) of 74 degrees. Maybe it is the fact that I lived much of the past 15 months in suffering and fearing that the end was near.Continue reading “Ramblings: A Sunny Sunday’s Hodgepodge”