Waters of Bimini Book Summary (Warning Spoiler Alert,Don’t Read if You Want All the Surprises)

Dr. Curtis Eisner has a gift of seeing mathematical patterns in nature that no one else can see. As a young medical student, he had a haunting encounter with a young girl with a new spinal cord injury. From that point forward, he focused all his abilities toward finding a cure for that dreadful injury. With the guidance of his research mentor, Dr. Lennard Jacobs, and his clinical partner, Bryan Rogers, a surgical PA, he is able to prefect his technique.

The great neurosurgeon wins a Nobel Prize in Medicine for his team’s work. While gaining the world’s admiration for his professional accomplishments, his neglected personal life starts to unravel. He has a wonderful wife, Becky, who is about to leave him, a mother across the country whose health is failing, a beautiful clinic director, Nef, who is becoming obsessed with him, and a dreadful one-night affair with a high school friend that almost cost him his life. Additionally, due to the complexities of the American research and medical care systems, he finds himself becoming deeply entangled in a convoluted process that leaves him in serious debt. To find the resources that he needed to bring his new cure to the masses, he joined Neurogenics, a for-profit, Seattle company.

The venture capitalist behind Neurogenics was a bigger-than-life American billionaire, Mack Pendleton. Besides being a misogynist and alcoholic, he was a financial opportunist. He looked beyond the victims of spinal cord injuries to more lucrative and controversial treatments that could utilize Dr. Eisner’s technique for rejoining nerves. Face transplants for simple esthetic reasons was just the first step along that dark path. Mr. Pendleton eventually developed a clandestine program for doing whole body transplants for the wealthy-aging, even from unwilling donors. Dr. Eisner’s good intentions of ending the suffering of para and quadriplegics had opened Pandora’s box into this dark and sinister world that he wanted no part of.

Dr. Eisner starts the process of opposing Mack and Neurogenics ambitions and finding a way to financially emancipate himself from the company. However, Mr. Pendleton would not let him go without a malicious fight. This led the neurosurgeon, with Bryan Roger’s support, into an international game of cat and mouse.

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