1. Finding Humor in Tragedy; something funny happened on the way to getting incurable cancer. Listen Here.
  2. The Shallowness of “Pro-Choice” / The Idolatry of “Pro-Life” Part III. Listen Here.
  3. Abortion: Part IV: The idolatry of “Pro-Life,” the Historical Perspective. Listen Here.
  4. Pro-Choice Vs Pro-Life, Part V, the Idolatry of Pro-Life. Listen Here.
  5. How Did We Get Here? A Brief Look at Truth in the Western World — The Philosophical Perspective. Listen Here.
  6. Rational Christianity; An Introduction. Listen Here.
  7. The Search for Truth; A Neurologist’s Perspective. Listen Here.
  8. Possible Answers for Basic Philosophical Questions. Listen Here.
  9. The Theology of Cancer Part I. Listen Here.
  10. The Theology of Cancer Part II. Listen Here.
  11. True Spirituality. Listen Here.
  12. Finding God the Hard Way; A Descartian Odyssey. Listen Here.
  13. Do All Things Really Happen for a Reason? Listen Here.
  14. I Think Therefore I Am … Not Spiritual. Listen Here.
  15. Mysticism Vs Mystery. Listen Here.
  16. On Death and Dying, a Candid Conversation. Listen Here.
  17. On Death and Dying, a Candid Conversation, Part II. Listen Here.
  18. Science Vs Religion, Part I Foundations. Listen here.
  19. Science Vs Religion, Part II Epistemologies. Listen here.
  20. Science Vs Religion, Part III Epistemology and social constructs. Listen here.
  21. Science Vs Religion, Part IV, the Role of Social Bias. Listen here.
  22. What if Life has No Meaning?. Listen here.
  23. Science Vs Religion, Part V. Listen here.
  24. Science Vs Religion, Part VI. Listen here.
  25. Science Vs Religion, Part VII A. Listen here.
  26. Science Vs Religion, Part VII B. Listen here.

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