Writing in Progress

I am presently working on a new international thriller, titled: Retribution; Aleayn Bialeayn

This is a novel about a PA (physician Assistant, Bryan Rogers, who was introduced in Waters of Bimini) who is working in humanitarian medical work in war-torn Yemen and becomes entangled in a plot to start world war III. It is about relationships. It is about the roots of terrorism and the geopolitical aspects or war and suffering. It is about love and the loss there of. Below is a rough draft of the first opening paragraphs. If things go well, the book will be finished and on the shelves before Christmas 2020.

I have just finished chapter eighteen. There will be about three or four more, then the long rewriting and editing process.

Chapter One

The Dawn

August lends blistering days to the inhabitants of Yemen’s Dammaj Valley. During the night, cooler air can form amongst the craggy high places and by sunrise, meander down the parched mountainsides to our lush oasis, giving us a short-lived reprieve.

The orange walls of my tent fluttered as the cooler mountain air seeped in to replace that of the rising warmth of the dawn. Those thermals gave loft to the peregrine falcons as they spiraled upward above our village, to their vantage point for rodent meals. It was unimaginable that before that day was over, the seeds of World War III would be spread before me from higher places, and more so, that I alone would be chosen to thwart the inevitability of that whirlwind’s harvest.

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