Writing in Progress

I am presently working on a literary fiction /suspense novel, with a working title as above. I am presently seeking/negotiating with literary agents to represent this novel with major publishing houses. I started this novel in December, 2020, so it has been almost a year. This is the longest it has ever taken me to write a novel. I hope it will be, by far, my best.

To read the first chapter click here.


Bryan Rogers, an American physician associate, is working in an International Rescue Committee refugee camp in Yemen one August morning, when a Saudi jet drops an American-made bomb on a school bus. Fifty-one people die, including forty young boys. Bryan’s colleague, Nebraskan physician Sheila Emory, witnesses the bombing and calls for Bryan’s help. After an exhausting day of treating victims—which ends with them in each other’s comforting arms for the night—the next morning brings news that the bomb blew into unrecognizable bits Bryan’s best friend’s son. Soon, that dear friend is recruited to carry out an act of retribution against America, and Bryan is the only one standing in his way. This is a story about friendship, bereavement, hate, love, and loss.

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