Conversations with an Evangelical about the Trump Administration

This is a fictional account, trying to capture the essence of conversations we have all had.

EC– Evangelical Christian

PC-Progressive Christian

EC: I am a little surprised that you, as a Christian, would say negative things about other people, and really surprised to hear you say negative or hateful things about our Commander in Chief.

PC: Well, I guess you can say that I’m a little surprised that you worked so hard to get this fool elected and that you still support him.

EC: I would be careful with your words. Remember, the Bible says that if you call someone, especially a brother, a “fool” or you would be in danger of hellfire.

PC: Okay, let’s just call him, a narcissistic, pathological liar, and con-man.

EC: (acting shocked) I don’t understand where all that anger comes from. I’m just surprised to hear—what I thought was a mature Christian—voice so much anger.

PC: Really? Well, I AM angry. I’m angry that this con-artist could take rule of our country and to destroy it from the inside out. I say it because I am a patriot.

EC: My trust is in God. He is sovereign. The Bible says that God puts the rulers in their position and directs the heart of the king.

PC: But that is no excuse for electing this man. We have personal responsibilities for making choices of who we vote for. History does matter. Our choices matter. And, speaking of anger, don’t you remember all those videos you sent me about Obama being a secret Muslim and having a mosque built right in the White House? Remember you saying you had proof that Obama wasn’t born in the US and that he was sworn into to office on a Koran, rather than a Bible? Do you remember the video that you sent me during the election, supposedly showing Hillary selling stinger missiles, HERSELF, from a van outside of Washington DC to leaders of Isis? Where did all THAT anger come from?

EC: Oh, I wasn’t angry. (EC smiles with a sweet smile) I was using discernment and, as a Christian was concerned about the direction the country was going. We are living in the last days. Those videos came from a very reliable source. It came from a godly pastor who had insights on those things. We can’t keep burying our heads in the sand because the liberal agenda is destroying American. It is our responsibility to do God’s work during these last days and to be faithful.

PC: But you just said that God is sovereign and that He is the one who puts leaders in place and directs them. So, didn’t God put Obama in leadership over America?

EC: (Shaking their head) Well, all I know is that Jesus is coming back soon and none of this will matter. Every discerning Christian knows the spirit of Obama, that it was from Satan. My job is to be faithful every day and that’s all that concerns me, rather than all of this political stuff.



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