A Journey Through Trumpland

Okay, it is no surprise to anyone that I’m not a Donald Trump fan. I just spent two weeks in the heart of Trumpland. That trip included Tennessee, Georgia and Florida. I had several conversations with old friends, who I knew in my Evangelical days. Most were from the PCA church, but some Baptists and Methodists. They all voted for and continue to support Trump. I tried very hard not to freak out and lose my cool, but to listen and have meaningful conversations and to learn

Here is what I heard over and over:

  • Donald Trump does not have the ideal Christian character, but God is using him. God demands that we all support our president because it is God who has put him into power.
  • Their choice was to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. While Donald Trump was not their favorite (several said that Ted Cruz was their favorite, which in my opinion was not much better), a vote for Hillary would have been clear sin. Why? Because Hillary is evil. She and her family are corrupt. She has been very involved with anti-Christian behavior such as supporting Muslim groups, even Muslim terrorist groups. She has support sexual abuse of children (sexual pizza-gate story). She supports abortion for all. She wants to put people on the Supreme Court, who will normalize abortions, same-sex relationships, and promote the rights of immigrants over “real Americans.” This is clearly not God’s plan for America.
  • Most of the negative things you hear about Donald Trump are from the liberal media. Satan uses the media to discredit Donald Trump and the good man that he is. Did you know that he and his family abstain from alcohol?
  • The liberals have put the good ole white people under siege. They want to make white people the underclass and put minorities in control of everything. That’s the agenda behind the Confederate statues coming down.
  • Islam is trying to destroy Christianity around the world and Donald Trump is the great defender of Christianity.
  • When I said that Donald Trump is a narcissistic liar, the come back from each one (as if they got it straight from Fox News) is that Obama exhibited more of a narcissistic personality (but they could not name one example).

So, I was polite, but sternly challenged each of these points. I share this story to look honestly at the problem we have before us and think how we can change the hearts and minds of so many who call themselves Trump Christians.  J. Michael Jones


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2 responses to “A Journey Through Trumpland”

  1. Did you encounter any End Time Prophecy types who voted for Trump specifically because he would start a nuclear Armageddon and thus fulfill Prophecy?

    I remember hearing that on some blog comment thread and keep trying to track it down. Given my own experiences in-country during the heyday of Hal Lindsay, it sounds very plausible to that mind-set.

    P.S. Bibleland, Trumpland — these days, is there a difference?


  2. My Calvinistic friends feel no culpability for electing Trump. To doubt Trump as the right president, is to doubt God and his big plan in history. If you take that reasoning to the full place, then there is no reason for any of us to get out of bed in the morning.


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