Chemo Day

Awaken to improving kidney functioning tests (had dialysis yesterday.) The real test of my kidneys will in tomorrow’s tests as I did not have dialysis today. That was good news and I feel better with the toxins dropping.

Many things were scheduled for today, but only one got done, introduction to chemotherapy.  Took my first dose.

Because of scheduling problems other treatments were delayed and now my exit date looks like Friday.

Denise is tired, very tired. She sleeps little and drives back and forth between Anacortes daily. I’m worried about her. I don’t know how anyone can help her. We have all our kids home (and sadly they will start to drift away again after tomorrow) and they are taking good care of themselves. They are all fantastic cooks, so we are okay in the food department.

If anyone wants to help, I think after the kids are gone we might need a little help, checking on our dog and etc. But for now, they have everything taken care of.

I wish someone could sleep for Denise, but I can’t figure out a way to do that. I’m trying to get her to get home early and not come up until later in the day as I can manage. But she sits at home awake.

After going through training in chemo, signing consents, I took the pills and shot. It is a toxic poison that we hope kills some of the bad stuff and spares as much as the good stuff as possible. So far, six hours later, I’ve had no side effects (sometimes it can be immediate).

That’s all for today.



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5 responses to “Chemo Day”

  1. Hi mike! It’s Luisa from the clinic, I’ve been keeping up w/ your posts and been praying for you and your family. Please, if you guys need anything, just let me know. My husband and I can help w/ the dog if you guys need help. We’re here for you.


    • That’s very kind of you. It has been a complete nightmare that is slowly improving. I will let you know if we need your help. My oncologist said yesterday that he sees me returning to my career. A few days ago it was all but assured that my career, if not my life was coming to an end. Take care.


  2. Hi Mike, just to let you know, you never leave my thoughts for long. Praying for continued steps toward recovery. Just remember who loves you, ( many), and try real hard to be positive.

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