Update: I’ve Been Sprung

I am home resting and that is wonderful. Otherwise, I am speechless.


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12 responses to “Update: I’ve Been Sprung”

  1. Whoa… that is WONDERFUL news! Continuing to think of and pray for you… for those kidneys to get back to doing their thing and for your body to get to the place it needs to be to fight the cancer. Breathe in some “home” air and enjoy your wife’s hand in yours. Praying now…


  2. You rest away. Languish in the love and joy surrounding you right now. You are such a great person. Sending you bundles of love and strength. Sarah


  3. Thank you God!! And thanks to all your friends and loved ones for continuing to pray! Love you Bro’ 😊😘


  4. As you have found out you have to be your own advocate as a patient in the medical world. If you don’t you will indeed fall through the cracks as incompetence will reign. Keep an eye on it all and double check all orders, then make sure all schedules, etc are on track and correct. It is just a jib for so many.


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