Day Off Part II



I got up with some energy. Worked too hard around the house and crashed by noon. Didn’t think I would make it outside today. After a 2-hour rest in bed, we finally made it to the beach. So, my day’s objectives met.


My Vice of Choice: Envy

Most of us choice our vices in life, usually subconsciously.  In my present situation, it appears mine is going to be envy.

Some have wondered why not anger. I ask again, anger at who? Nobody did this to me.

Bitterness isn’t a temptation yet.

Another choice would be self-pity. I may come back to that one later. I guess I’ve seen so much evil and tragedy in the world that self-pity isn’t a temptation for me right now.

But envy is trying to seep into my soul though all the porous crevices. I think it is true because my world was so big before. We were planning one of our most daring trips this summer, a trek, with a friend across Greenland. Suddenly my world isn’t much larger than my bedroom.


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8 responses to “Day Off Part II”

  1. Only family members know about Traveler! Lol. But I remember watching Mom cook ground beef and then put gravy train in the pan and actually make a kind of doggie beef stroganoff! She wanted your dog to have a hot meal every day just like us! Such good memories of a selfless woman who raised a selfless son with more caring in your crooked little finger than most people have in their whole body and their lives. She was and is so proud of you and your accomplishments. As we all are….you are now on the other side of what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. I hope you feel the arms and crooked little fingers of your family around you every moment of every day. We are here to help and pray and show you love and Loan you our strength to fight when you have no energy to fight, shine a light when darkness envelops you, remind you of your faith when you feel doubtful, wrap a warm blanket of love around you when you feel frozen with fear and above all else, give you and the rest of your family support and a place to literally come to for peace when this disease rears it’s ugly head as we suffocate the life right out of it! Motel 6 has the light on whenever any of your children want to come in from the storm and have a great time at the beaches of Amelia Island. Love you Bro….Your Sis


  2. Understandable. I envy those who get to travel as I have had very few excursions out of the South. Find comfort in living in paradise where you are, and the hope that remission will once again give you the ability to expand out of your now shrunken world and onto more adventures.


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