Update: Some Good News!

I haven’t had a lot of good news in the past few weeks. Today, I had some. So, while I’m trying to limit my posting as not to bug people too much, I couldn’t wait to share this.

I had an appointment with my nephrologist today. After examining me, reviewing my labs over the last two weeks he made a statement. You see, I’ve been on a waiting list to do dialysis in Anacortes (5 miles from my house) verses Oak Harbor (15 miles from my house). He said, “I’m sorry Mike, but you will never be doing dialysis here (I met him in the Anacortes dialysis center). The reason is, you will not be going dialysis after 4 weeks and the wait list is about 8 weeks.” (my paraphrase) So, he is quite confident that I will end this part of the nightmare within weeks and get these catheters out of my chest. We are cutting back on dialysis this week from 4 to 3 1/2 hours. Hallelujah! / ! الحَمْد لله‎‎.‎‎  Mike


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17 responses to “Update: Some Good News!”

  1. Yipppe!! Come on kidneys! You can do it!

    Thanks for letting us share in your good news, Mike!

    Ann Meyers Sent from my iPhone



  2. Such great news! Congratulations. Loved the video, a perfect place to recuperate and heal. My dog, Oscar, started barking when he heard your pup. 🙂


  3. that is wonderful news Mike! (I also wanted to add: please don’t hold back writing for our sakes! write all you want, you’re not bugging anyone)


  4. Do please share your triumphs, sad, angry, thoughtful, and everything you want to share with all of us. I am quite happy to read this good news
    God is great!!!! Hang in there!!! Hugs your way to you and your family


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