UPDATE: 2/27/19 Part II

Renal labs came back tonight. Over all creatinine and BUN are down, however, they are still rising when I’m not doing dialysis, meaning that I can’t get off dialysis any time soon:


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5 responses to “UPDATE: 2/27/19 Part II”

  1. Hang in there Mike. I know it’s so easy for someone who’s not going through this to say but, just needed to say it.

    Two other things. First, let Reid and me know how we can help in your garden raising in March. We are available both weekends but just need to know when you need help. I’m happy to bring food for whoever comes on either weekend for Saturday work if Denise needs that help.

    Second, and this might be something you’re not at all interested in but I just wanted to let you know, my training is as a health psychologist and most of my work was with those with chronic illness or injury. There is a grieving and sadness with those that’s hard for most people to understand and quite frankly those going through it often don’t want to share because it seems, as you have noted, like “whining “ to some. But, having a chronic illness and caring it around sometimes feels like caring around a load of bricks that emotionally, spiritually and sometimes physically gets so very heavy.

    If you ever just want somebody to talk to about what’s going on, someone who somewhat understands what you’re going through, give me a call. Happy to hang out and listen for a bit if that would help.

    Give Denise a hug for me.

    Ann Meyers

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    • You can pick a date, March 16-putting up posts or March 23 – putting up fence panels, both days 11 AM to 1-2 PM. I suspect that if I continue on a path of a lot of bad news, when the dust settles and if my quality is low, I will face a temptation of depression, which so far hasn’t been a big issue. I will continue to pray for better news but keep you in mind. Thanks for your offer of both.


  2. oh man.. sorry to hear that Mike. Will keep praying for full renal recovery, and that you won’t have to continue dialysis. But glad to here your doing better at any rate.


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