From the day that I was suddenly diagnosed with cancer in January, we have had an outpouring of people who have—with great sincerity—wanted to help us. We have been deeply grateful for that show of love. However, there was very little practical help we needed. Watching our dog, preparing some meals, all were a godsend in the early days.

But now, we do have a very practical need and that need is of tremendous values to us. Denise, having grown up on a dairy farm, has for years had great pleasure in gardening. It is her favorite hobby. The therapeutic value of a garden to her is hard to over-estimate. We moved to our new house a year ago and there has never been a garden space here. Giving up her garden at our old house was very difficult for her.

If you know anything about gardening, besides having good soil, having a rabbit and deer-poof fence is essential. I promised that I would build Denise a garden when we first purchased this house. Now, with my cancer having as much impact on her as me, having a garden for her to seek some normalcy would be of tremendous value.

Building a garden from scratch is a lot of work. I have worked to the full capacity of my physical being over the past few weeks, trying to prepare for this. I’ve planned the details, cut and hauled timbers. I have carried concrete bags, wire, built gates and etc. Denise has worked hard to prepare her soil. The one thing that I cannot do is to put in the posts because I don’t have the physical strength and due to the dialysis catheters in my chest that prevent me from raising my right arm.

We have planned on having a garden building party for several weeks. We have had several people volunteer to help. Yesterday my “volunteer foreman” BJ look over the project. He was a little concerned that we could get all the posts in, in one day. So, I’ve decided to post this here, that if you have time and are interested in joining our work party, you are welcome to make a spontaneous appearance.

This Saturday, March 16th, the work will start at 9 AM, with others coming at 11 AM. Denise will provide snacks and lunch, I will be in dialysis in Oak Harbor and can hopefully join you at noon. If we have enough people, I think we can get the posts in by 2 PM.

Our address is 12961 South Wildwood Lane, Anacortes, WA.


Next Saturday, March 23, we will be putting up the wire and plank fencing to finish it off and we will need help then as well.

Thanks again for all your offers of help.  Mike



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3 responses to “UPDATE: GARDEN PARTY”

  1. Wish I could come but seeds and such will be in the mail.  A few other things which I found at Mom’s house you will find as wonderful memories of times past.

    Love you,

    And I agree to disagree with you on attitude, not magic, as far as beating this thing. Maybe it is just will, stubborness, and honneriness (sp?) that makes up the attitude.


    • I’m not sure which part you disagree with. I hope to beat this thing and am praying to that aim. I also want to work with the knowledge of what we have as to how to beat this and not depend just on wishful thinking.


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