UPDATE: 4/12/19

  • My renal function is slowly improving, but not near enough to get off dialysis, which I still do two times a week. It is still a major area of prayer.
  • I just received my latest cancer labs. My bad protein is still dropping, meaning that chemo is working. At diagnosis, my level was 2658 mg/l. Now it is 89 mg/L. Complete remission is considered when the level is normal, which is >24. So we are getting close.
  • With the addition of a large dose of steroids, my last round of chemotherapy had far less side effects. This week was a week off from chemo and I felt better each day as the side effects (constant flu-like syndrome) slowly lifted. I will start my next round on Monday.
  • Because I cannot get more than 72 hours away from my dialysis machine, we cannot not leave the area. But with this break from chemo, Denise and I took a road trip up through British Columbia and it has been (still on the trip as I write) has been wonderful!
  • I am still plagued by many symptoms, mostly neurological, that is from my renal failure. I keep praying that this would heal, but so far it is no better.
  • I hope to get to the University of Washington to see a Multiple Myeloma specialist. The referral was lost again and we started over with this. I hope that I’m a candidate for stem cell transplant, which would give me the most hope for a future of a few years. Having renal failure is one strike against me qualifying. I am “in training” to increased my chances, by walking 4 miles per day and trying to loose a few pounds.

We need to get on the road so I will do a part II post with details for family and others who are interested in those. But above is the essence of the update.


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5 responses to “UPDATE: 4/12/19”

  1. So glad you and Denise were able to get away and be in nature that you love so much. Still praying for renal and neuro health and also that cancer goes into remission. May you be encouraged by inch by inch of good news of your labs. Blessings to you both!!!


  2. Good to hear from you again. It’s great the two of you got away. I like the small positive changes that will someday lead to larger positive changes.


  3. Keep on keeping on. So happy for you that you were able to take a much needed break. Praying for you always.❤️Sandy


  4. Thanks for the update. Continued prayers for continuing improvement. We all need to learn to live each day fully, you are a sterling example of courage and faith. God bless!


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