UPDATE: 5/26/19

Denise and I were granted a 48 hour pass to come home to Anacortes and to pretend that things were normal. It was fantastic! So many things we got to do which we love, dinner with family, hikes, paddle board, campfires and deep breaths of Fidalgo Island air.

Kayaking 1
My dry suit covered my tunneling catheter (in my chest) well, protecting it from nasty lake water.

An unexpected treat was that the person who took our dog for the summer, could no longer keep her (dog Vs cat issue) so we got to pick her up an snuggle  with her for hours.

There were times that I never thought that I would see inside the cockpit of a kayak (my favorite hobby) again, especially back in the winter when I thought my life was very short. But, with careful planning and help from Denise, I was able to circumnavigate Lake Erie today (our Lake Erie, not the really big one). A dry suit offered the protection of my chest catheters from the dirty lake water. Denise followed in her paddle board.

Now that our dog is home, Denise is scrambling to find coverage for our house and dog. We have a house setting coming in two-three weeks, but we must figure out what to do in between.

Kayaking 4
(I would take more photos of Denise but she does not want me putting photos of her here. But that is her behind me on the paddle board.)


Speaking of chest catheters, I have now finished my first week without dialysis, out of a two-week trial. I feel fantastic! The combination of not doing chemo for six weeks now and not doing dialysis for one week, I feel 90% human.

Kayaking 2
Ramsey (I know darked out on this photo) came home to watch Greta for this coming week, then he must get to LA.

We are watching my urine and blood chemistries every other day. Because they were so stable on Friday, the let me come home. Tomorrow (5/27/19) with be a crucial lab. Then if things are going well, I will remain off dialysis one more week, then possibly forever!

I will be back with an update as soon as we know if I can stay off dialysis. Oh, by the mercy of God, I pray that could happen.  I must be back at the clinic in the morning. We are giving my body two weeks to recover from the work-up and stem-cell harvesting and then, around June 4th-5th, I will be re-admitted to the hospital and start the brutal process burning out my bone marrow and re-introducing my stem cells.

Kayaking 3



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6 responses to “UPDATE: 5/26/19”

  1. Michael so glad for you and Denise to have a break and experience the wonders around home. Think of you often and wishing for you no more dialysis!


  2. Mike that is great to have such a break and looks like you and Denise took full advantage of this time. This is God’s way of providing you some peace while you are going through this ordeal. Margaret and I are so glad that you chose the SCCA. They have been great for us and looks like they are taking care of you. Both of you are in our prayers and we look forward to visit you.


  3. Hallelujah and Praise God ! Back to the place you love. Even for a few short days to renew your spirit before life gets scary again! Praying that you have an easier time than most, and all will proceed on schedule to bring you back to your beloved wife, family, friends, patients, home and that huge dog!!!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️


  4. I pray your lab today goes well and you get your wish of NO more dialysis! It was so heartwarming to get to read both up your updates today Mike! Your born again post was an interesting read..and wouldn’t it be nice if we could eliminate all the evil in this world by forcing all who are to be ‘born again’. If only that would work..if only it was that easy. I would start with all who prey on children. I’m so happy you were able to be back home with your wife, family and of course your pup Greta along with all the things you love. I hope you find great care for your beautiful dog Greta. I know my dogs are like my kids and I’m sure you feel the same about yours. Prayers and hope for you and your family!


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