I’m not too surprised, but it looks like my discharge will be delayed by one week. While we have gone stir-crazy living in downtown Seattle, I certainly don’t want to go home feeling as bad as I do. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of this ASAP.  Mike

12 thoughts on “Delay

    1. The first round of looking for an infection came up empty. I’m now being treated for host vs graft syndrome. We will run a couple more test looking for infections. One example is that it is possible I had a dominant giardia infection and now that I’m immunocompromised, it has gone nuts. The first test came up negative but we need to do two more.


  1. You are a trooper to have waited this long with your symptoms and not insist they get yo the bottom of it and help you feel better! Stay strong and I am praying they explore every option for you!


    1. You don’t want to be discharged before its time. I was once, and was back in the ER in less than a day.
      Better to wait. DK


  2. Lake Erie is waiting for you when you’re feeling better. One week will probably feel like a long one but it’ll be worth it.

    Can’t wait to have you and Denise home.


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