UPDATE: 8/20/19- I stand Corrected

After having my transfusions last night, I had high hopes it would help with the disabling symptoms. When I awoke this morning, I was feeling worse and therefore quite discouraged. As the day when on, I started to notice a big improvement in my stamina over the previous two weeks. This afternoon, I went with a friend (who is leaving to go back to Texas tomorrow) and we drove up to the Baker River trail, in the mountains. I was able to complete a 3 mile hike without becoming severely short of breath and a high heart rate. Yesterday, walking across our yard left me extremely winded. Transfusions are not the long-term answer as we must figure out why I’m suddenly so anemic.

The other correction, which I need to make, is that Denise’s birthday is next Wednesday, not tomorrow. I’m totally lost on time these days and “chemo-brain” doesn’t help. Mike



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6 responses to “UPDATE: 8/20/19- I stand Corrected”

  1. Glad you had a temporary reprieve from the exhaustion and could feel a bit more human for a while. Sending you all the best.


  2. I’m happy to hear the transfusions have given you a reprieve from complete exhaustion and that you were able to spend the last day of your friend’s visit out hiking. Also perhaps giving you time to spend time with your wife on her special day not feeling like crap. I pray for answers! BTW..I finished reading Train Dreams last night and I loved it! Just goes to show quality doesn’t have to come wrapped up in big packages. Thanks for the recommendation!


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