I never meant to do updates this often. Maybe I should switch to Twitter . . . may God forbid.

There are 5 measurements to set the boundaries of MM. Last time I shared the very discouraging news that one of them, the bad protein, was still high and we were expecting zero. I have one new measurement and it is better. It is the M spike (which is a direct measurement of the expression of the cancer gene). Mine is down. It is still abnormal, but it is the same as it was 25 years ago, when this marker showed up on a routine blood test for something else and I had to be worked up for MM. This number doubled in January and stayed double until my stem cell transplant. So the transplant has done something besides torture me almost to death.

My anemia is slightly better with a hemoglobin of 10 now. I am thankful it is moving in the right direction.

My white blood cells are still dangerously low, but, very slightly improved this week. Ironically, and sadly, my brother was just re-admitted to the hospital with a very low white blood cell count. He is dealing with leukemia and is often in worse shape than me.



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5 responses to “UPDATE:9/17/19”

  1. Some good news, and some hard news. So hard on you to worry about your brother too. Will continue to keep you and your brothers health in my thoughts and prayers. You have a huge prayer chain Mike so keep fighting.


  2. Happy to hear the positive news Mike! So sorry about your brother though..hope his numbers will improve as well! The updates are good..they let us know you are still fighting the demons. And when we need to up the prayers.


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