UPDATE: November 26

So, I have some of my results back. I will say again, I’m sorry for giving so much detail on these posts but this is also the space that my family is updated on my progress or lack of.


My hemoglobin (best measurement of anemia) is much better at 12.9 (normal is 14-16). That’s the best it has been since I became sick in Jan 2019. I feel much better, reflecting that improvement.

My renal labs are okay. Now, I will not say that with strong enthusiasm as there are caveats. Yet, in the same breath, I am deeply grateful as they could have been much worse.

My Creatinine (the most important, simple, measurement of renal function) has dropped from 3.4 to 2.9 (normal is below 1.2) and that is good news, and the situation could have been much worse if that number had increased. But that number also reflects a period of having a very severe diet (avoiding animal protein for one) and there is no room for dietary improvement.

My BUN (a less important measurement of renal function and is known to fluctuate) increased from 36 to 44. That number does not worry me much, even though it rose.

My potassium has remained fixed at the very top of the range at 5.1. It is my most dangerous toxin.


It was fun to connect with an old colleague. He was very thorough and found nothing new, that I didn’t already know. While what I have is very rare (and I knew that) he is willing to work with me, based on the research I’ve done. We are starting a new and rather benign medication today. He is also going to call a friend of his at the University of Washington, who is an expert in all kinds of neuromuscular issues, including twitching. He may have more ideas.


I’m not in any kind of immediate danger or crises and for that I am very thankful. I do wish, and request your prayers, that I can move further from the dangerous edge by my kidneys improving and my cancer going into remission.

My test looking at my evil proteins, are not back yet. I will post them when they are back (next week).

Thank you again for your concern, prayers, and support for our family.  Mike



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6 responses to “UPDATE: November 26”

  1. Mike, thank you for sharing your story. I first discovered your blog in a dark part of my life and I believe that through reading your posts, I’ve simultaneously become less alone feeling and stronger in my faith. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you.


  2. Margaret and I haven’t stopped praying for you and Denise. Our small group on Monday nights are praying as well as Session. Great job on hiking with Denise. I am still walking the flats and would enjoy your company on them. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family


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