Mini Update Part III

The evil proteins (IGG Lambda Light Chains), which is an indirect measurement of my cancer, came back at 58 mg/L. Normal is below 26. When I was diagnosed it was over 2600 mg/L and that is what killed my kidneys. So this is good news that the protein is, for the first time, within sight of being normal. That won’t help me feel any better (physically) but will reduce the risk of further kidney damage.


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7 responses to “Mini Update Part III”

  1. Mackenzie, I hope you and your family are doing well. In my struggle to stay alive this year, I have read virtually every study published on any topic even slightly related to the problems I’m having. I will do a search and see what is published about naltrexone. However, this is not a simple issue of cancer. My cancer is going into remission, for how long, only God knows. However, my daily risks and struggles is due to the renal and neurological damage done by the cancer a year ago when it was unchecked. I will have to remove your comment simply because I don’t want your private phone numbers to appear on this blog. While I have a group of about 150 faithful followers, most of whom I know, daily I have these wayward visitors from around the world, many of whom (I suspect), are looking for ways to exploit American personal information.


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