Brief Follow Up

My electronic world is almost fully restored. I am grateful that FaceBook refunded the $1500 that the crook had them take out of my pay-pal account. I had a Face Book account associated with this blog (not my personal FB account) and that appears to be where the crocks entered my electronic world. I have completely deleted that account for good and will keep my personal account. My e-mail that is associated with this blog ( has been lost forever and replacing it, for now, is (mentioned this last time but now it is permanent as we could not restore the jmichaeljoneswriter account). I have noticed that occasionally ads and even porn have been posed here under comments. I’m trying to set boundaries to keep these nut-jobs out, but I’m sorry if the barriers are not fool proof.

Last night, in the dark, Greta and I climbed Mount Erie, only the second time I’ve done it since my stem cell transplant. It was a bit easier this time, but still a challenge. Mike


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