Update: 3/5/20

I really don’t have much to report but just a brief update. I just got back from two weeks of traveling, which I knew would be challenging, while enjoyable. It was great seeing family. I mentioned last time that I was starting to have significant side effects from Chemo, in the form of diarrhea, cramping, peripheral neuropathy, and rash. Because my cancer appears to be in remission, we were able to suspend chemo for five weeks. Boy, does time fly. I restart chemo on Tuesday but this time we are going to add a steroid, hoping that it will cut down on those side effects.

The side effects have improved, but very slowly. It was challenging staying in bathroom-less log home in the mountains and then traveling by plane, but didn’t have to resort to wearing a Depends (smiley face here).

Because of the spreading of the COVID 19 virus in Washington state, not to mention the higher risks of influenza A, I must resort back to “house arrest” where I have limited time out in public, especially places of many people, such as church, plays, ballgames. Fortunately, I live in a lovely place, on a lake, in front of a mountain and it is a fantastic place to be arrested to. I will focus on writing, yard work as weather permits, and staying well. Speaking of which, I’m feeling quite well except for the aforementioned side effects.

My brother is not doing well with his leukemia and I pray for him. I know how awful it is to suffer and I know he is suffering now.

If you want to come by for coffee, you are welcome. The same if you want to help with yard work, or better yet, as soon as I get my boat in the water we can sail around my lake. If I can get my hands on a boat trailer, then we can sail around the sound (if not the world).

My new novel Ristretto Rain, which I love working on, is undergoing another edit (more like rewrite) and I still hope to have it on the market by May. I have many writing projects for this blog which are playing second fiddle to my novel.


P.S. Jerry pointed out, tongue-n-cheek, that my last post appeared to say that I watch porn 24-7. I meant to say that I have to watch this blog 24-7 to keep losers from posting porn in the comment section. I think you know what I mean and Jerry was just trying to be funny . . . and he was. (wink).


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5 responses to “Update: 3/5/20”

  1. So glad for your trip!! Will pray for your brother as well. Hate to write this in a text but did you ever try the Metamucil I gave you. At least I think I did. Had similar problem last rounds of chemo and it helped slow things down and I think absorb some acid. Don has me quarantined in place as he doesn’t want me getting sick either. Having some bad back issues right now so my mobility is limited. Getting better though. You are an inspiration to me in many ways Like staying as active as body will allow. Along with all my initial MM blood work we found out I was B12 deficient. One injection a day for 7 days then once a week for 6 weeks now once a month. Has made a huge difference. Take care Mike. Ok to text whenever 😊EffieJo


    • I think you are still out of town. I could not find your number in my phone so I cannot text. When you are back in our neck of the woods, we should get together. I did take Metamucil for a while (I forgot you were the one who recommended it). I’m glad the B12 is helping. We restarted chemo with a 4-drug program, so far so good. If the diarrhea would stay away and if my anemia would improve a bit, I could almost function normally.


  2. Thanks for sharing! Self isolation is the safest thing for you, and you do have a lovely place to do it! Hope the changes to your treatment regimen keeps the side effects down! Continued prayers for you and your brother!


  3. Looks like you get back just in time for the Coronavirus Lockdown.

    My spies tell me Seattle looks like something out of The Omega Man — empty streets, no people visible.


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