With so many of you focused on your own issues related to COVID-19, I feel ashamed (in a way) of even mentioning this. However, tomorrow will be one of those pivotal days for me and I ask for your prayers and thoughts.

  1. I mentioned that in my last labs 2 weeks ago had a sudden fall in kidney function. According to that test, I am only inches away of being back in complete renal failure, which would have major ramifications including a life span in measured in months. As I said, for several reasons, I think that test was flawed. However, tomorrow I repeat the test. Please pray that the test will be better, not worse.
  2. Since the beginning of December, I’ve had a gradual decline in my quality of life, and we think it is related to cumulative side effects from my present chemo (Velcade). It is like a constant case of significant stomach flu, neuropathy, and a worsening rash We have applied to switch to another chemo (ixazomib) and tomorrow we will find out if the insurance has approved it. If all these side effects are related to Velcade and if they go away with switching to this new medication, it will make a profound improvement in my desire to live.


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15 responses to “Update:4/6/20”

  1. Most of us are new to any serious medical threats… You’ve been on the front lines in just such a war for such a long time. I’ll be offering prayers for better results on your renal tests and that you are able to replace Velcade and see serious improvements..


  2. I will definitely continue on wishing you well via praying
    BTY I shared one of your videos on Facebook


    • I fight to live for Denise and the kids. I pray without ceasing and beg my doctors that suffering would be reduced. When that request brings a deafening silence, the will to live fades. I pray again that this, changing chemo, would be a positive response.


  3. Best of luck tomorrow Mike! Covid is on our minds, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t thinking of you too.


  4. I’m thinking of you! Praying you can switch chemo drugs and that your last lab was indeed flawed. You are under so much stress..praying for relief so you can truly begin to live..happily.


  5. I truly hope you get some good news. I am grateful for your honest tender and courageous communications ….. We are all trembling. Prayers for your well being and ease ..


  6. Always praying for you. Likewise we need prayers. The hospital found a mass in Margaret’s right lung think it is bacterial pneumonia but heading down tomorrow to Seattle for another CT scan covering not only her lungs but also her pelvis which seems to be getting worse. Might have to change treatments with different side affects.


  7. body{font-family: Geneva,Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:9pt;background-color: #ffffff;color: black;}prayers sent for both requests


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