Milestones: A & B

Sorry about a defunct post earlier. It was in a video format and this site would not allow it.


A. I took my first capsule of Ixazomib today, the new chemo. I hope it is a new path.

B. I used to be a modest runner, 3 miles twice a week then 7 miles on Saturday. I ran last the week before I got sick in Jan, 2019. I was so ill and quite anemic for much of the year, that there were even times I could hardly walk to the car. My hemoglobin bounced between 7 and 12 (normal is 13.5 or greater).

For some reason, I have felt stronger in the past 3-4 weeks and my hemoglobin was going up. I told Denise, before my labs were drawn this week, that I felt like it reached 13. Well, it is 13.7 and in the normal range. I couldn’t believe it!

While I have been walking faithfully, today (after I finished my 2 mile walk with Greta) I donned my running clothes and ran a mile. It brought tears of joy to my eyes as I never, ever thought I would run again. It felt great. I had to share this with someone. Mike


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16 responses to “Milestones: A & B”

  1. Great news! Glad you’re feeling better and the test results are better.
    Praying the new chemo is effective and reduces those awful side effects.
    Love you, brother!


  2. Simply…amazing! Now I have no excuse NOT to walk every day…but I feel a bit like Pac-Man in my neighborhood these days…looking over my shoulder, crossing the street to avoid the other potential viral killer-bots…(sometimes loudly coughing into my mask causes THEM to cross the street)


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