First I must ask, how are you doing during these quarantine? I hope you are doing well.

Okay, this is a cancer update, but unfortunately, I don’t have much to add. That itself is the story. I was due to return to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance the first week of June for my one year anniversary of my stem cell transplant. It was also suppose to be the time that I do a large panel of tests to re-stage my cancer, to check my immune system, and to start my childhood immunizations (since they were erased with the bone marrow ablation). Because of COVID, this one year follow up was cancelled on May 18th and the list of tests was sent to my local oncologist to have the tests done here.

I have worked since May 18th to get these tests done here and so far I have not been successful. I really don’t understand why and it is frustrating at times. I do have one of those test scheduled on July 9th, a bone marrow biopsy. Because I’ve had such a problem getting the care I needed in Anacortes, I’ve called the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and they may try to schedule me in August. Tomorrow I will know if that is going to work. So, I many not have any cancer updates regarding staging until then.

So, I really don’t know where the cancer’s at right now. I do know that I’m feeling much better than last fall, but that doesn’t let me know about the cancer (which is silent until it causes serious trouble). But my feeling much better is because I’m on a chemo that has far fewer side effects. I do feel that I’m about 80% of my old self. The daily diarrhea problem is gone (thanks to the new chemo). My neurological symptoms are still there but cycles between being bad to faint. I have no clue as to why this shift happens, but I just shifted back to mild neurological symptoms over the past 24 hours and I’m happy about that.

I am very busy doing home repair jobs (which keeps me off the streets) and I’m consumed with writing. Ristretto Rain will be heading to the presses soon. I’ve written six chapters of my new book, Retribution. It is a thriller and features a character, a PA, who I introduced in Waters of Bimini. I love writing more than any other hobby and I hope I can continue and keep improving.

Take Care,

Mike, the Lake Hermit


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4 responses to “Update:6/30/20”

  1. I’m living in one of the new hotspots, Mask/No Mask has become the latest Litmus Test of Culture War, and we’ve heard so much contradictory TRVTHs that we’re now assuming everything is Fake News, Media Lies, and Conspiracy to Control Us (and Take Away Our Guns!).

    I have spent the past three months locked down at home waiting for things to subside, trying to keep away from the virus, and it seems the only future I can look forward to is to sit quietly with folded hands waiting to be infected.


  2. Mike, so sorry to hear of all the delays – but glad to hear that everyday living if more comfortable for you.  I identify with your rejecting identification as an evangelical – the ramifications of what most of the “public evangelicals” seem to espouse is horribly detrimental to the true gospel – but I continue to find a measure of comfort in believing that God is still in control, and that he loves me immensely despite my self.  We moved to town house in Rochester this spring, and were not at all bored during the public shutdown! Linc


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