Ristretto Rain, Prelaunch

Ristretto Rain can now be pre-ordered via Kindle only. The official launch date is July 11th, when hopefully the ink will be dry and the paperback will be available. This is exciting after two years of work (in between medical procedures). See here.

I am also on chapter nine of my new novel, a thriller, Retribution. Writing brings so much joy!

Published by J. Michael Jones

J. Michael Jones is married to Denise and is the father of five successful adult children, scattered around Washington state and Minnesota. He had a 38-year career as a physician associate, until he was forced into retirement by multiple myeloma in 2019. During his career, he waw a headache specialist at Mayo Clinic, and in the pacific northwest, and worked as a generalist in a variety of locations overseas, including Abu Dhabi, Oman, Cyprus, Egypt, Pakistan twice, Nepal, and Afghanistan's Khyber Pass. He has always loved to think and write, publishing seven books and countless journal articles. After retirement he has focused on his fiction writing including his coming book, The Stones of Yemen.

2 thoughts on “Ristretto Rain, Prelaunch

  1. Congratulations!!! And on your Birthday no less!! So happy for you and how you have handled these last 2 years!

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