Ristretto Rain is Here!

Simply put, I’m asking you, okay begging you, to please buy my new novel Ristretto Rain. Reviewing it on Amazon would be nice too. Passing on your recommendation, if you think it is a good book, to your friends and family would be even nicer. If you don’t like it, but I think you will, return it to me for a refund. All the ordering information can be found on my home page here.

I have been writing for thirty years, first articles for magazines and Ristretto Rain is my sixth book, third novel. Writing has been one of my favorite hobbies. I was diagnosed (as you know) with Multiple Myeloma last year. I had the full intention of getting a bone marrow transplant, working hard to recover, and going back to a fulfilling career. To my shock, as I was returning to work, I was unexpectedly laid off and my clinic closed. I was then preparing to start a new headache clinic in Bellingham when our “dear friend” Mr. COVID flew in from China, or wherever, with guns a blazing. That was the death-nail to that clinic’s hope.

I never anticipating my career ending like this nor the end having such an impact on me personally. This year, I began to turn to my writing in earnest since medicine abandoned me. I profoundly love writing. Like any artist, you want an audience. But for me to continue, I must see enough readers to justify the effort. (I’m already halfway through my next novel.) When I write, while alone in my house, I imagine an auditorium full of people listening. I want to bring them literary pleasure. I want to imagine smiles on their faces. I am continuously working to improve my craft but with Ristretto Rain, I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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12 responses to “Ristretto Rain is Here!”

  1. Purchased! And will write a review when done. Thanks for the notice. Keep up the writing – it’s good for all of us (writing and reading).


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