A Word on Book Reviews on Amazon

A dozen people have now told me that they’ve done book reviews on Amazon but it is not showing up. Sometimes it can be tricky. They have algorithms to stop abuse, so that an author or Amazon seller doesn’t just load up fake reviews.

To write a review you have to log into your Amazon account. If you purchased Ristretto Rain on Amazon, be sure and use that account. Then simply go to the product your purchased, the paperback or Kindle version, scroll down past the reviews and you will see a button that says “Write a Review.” Select that button and fill in the blanks. Be sure and hit the “Submit” button.

Now, to make this process even more complicated, there are many sellers of anything who use Amazon. Some of them are book sellers. They buy the book the same way Amazon does, but then sells them at a discount (>60% of the price of the book is Amazon’s mark up). You may not know if the book you bought was from Amazon or one of the sellers. But then Amazon will send you an e-mail to “rank this product” or something like that. That is not the book itself review but the review of this third party seller. I think many well-intended people wrote, what they thought was a review of the book here, but they were reviewing this third party seller. Just do what the above paragraph says and you will nail it.

I am so grateful for those who take the time to review the book. As I’ve said, this gives me personal feedback and it also allows me to move to the next step of marketing. I can’t market the book until it has had 10 reviews or more on Amazon (in most cases.)

If you are a member of Good Reads, you can also write a review there.


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2 responses to “A Word on Book Reviews on Amazon”

  1. I actually left my review on Amazon yesterday via my laptop on the site. I also checked later in the day and noticed it hadn’t appeared yet. So I went back to the ‘write a review’ section and was going to do it again. My review came up again..already written so I hit submit. I received a notice saying it is being reviewed and may take several days so we appreciate your patience. It also mentioned about third party sellers and if that is what you are reviewing it will show up on sellers page. Maybe all the reviews will appear at once? At any rate..I just did it again to double check. If they ever go through, I’ll have to go back and remove a couple. 😉


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