Ramblings: A Brief Word of Praise for The Elegant Universe

I finished the novels Odd Child Out and The Book of the Dead this past week and moved on to the nonfiction genre with the book, The Elegant Universe by Brain Greene. It was a Pulitzer Prize finalist and that’s why I chose it. It is a little dated, with a publication date in 1999 and I bet many of you have read it. Brain Greene is a physicist and mathematician. . . and an author, a damn good one. While I knew a lot about relativity (general and specific), quantum mechanics, and the string theory, he really brings it to life in a very entertaining way. You would enjoy the book (I think) even if you were not that familiar with those terms.

The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the ...

For the theist (those who believe in a creator) this book is an introduction to real mysticism, because the universe is just plain freaky in places. Imagine time that warps, twin particles that when you manipulate one, its twin, even a billion light years away, will instantly respond not to mention photons that exist as particles and waves at the same time. You can’t get your head around it at all. It is so much better than what I call the “poor man’s mysticism” of just emotions relabeled as mysticism. “I felt God’s presence.” Not that emotions are bad, They are fantastic. However, throughout human history there has been a tendency to call emotions something supernatural, when often they are not. But I think natural is as good or better than the so-called “supernatural” because God created everything including this wonderful planet and our intellect and emotions.

But if you read this well-written book and allow yourself to meditate on those mysteries, it will cause you to feel quite humbled. You can no longer put God in a box for convenient’s sake. The Creator is far beyond what we can imagine and his true mysticism is completely mind blowing. That is why there are more theist in astrophysics than any other genre of science, except maybe medicine.

After having some encouraging labs 4 weeks ago, then this week, not so much. That gives me lighter sleep and more time to enjoy books, as a distraction.



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