Health Update: Brief

My long, long list of 1 year post transplant tests are complete. I (Denise can’t come this time) will be going to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on September 28-29 for a comprehensive exam and review of the tests to establish the course going forward. I hope I can become one of their long term patient after that. Studies have shown that Multiple Myeloma patients live more than twice as long if they are followed by a specialist. So far, I have not been able to establish there, partially due to their restrictions due to COVID.

I have been doing very well with my current chemo, however, with my new insurances, our co-pay was $2600 this month. This creates tension of how do we will go forward? But after four months of working on this we exhausted all avenues without help. If I had no insurance the drug would have been free. I hope the plan in Seattle can help steer me in a new direction.

Today, after 100 straight days of painting on our house, we finished! Denise was able to help this past two weeks, which was a godsend. I am grateful that neither of us were injured after working very high and in complex situations (ladders on boards, boards on steep roofs, ropes, and etc.).

Being laid off from work was about as difficult as the cancer itself. Tonight I applied for a cancer research position. The high cost of my chemo and the missing of working in medicine was my motivation. Cancer research would also be rewarding and would also be self-serving. There are no headache positions available that would allow me to work from home.

Thanks for your interest, prayers, and love.



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  1. Hope you can get that cancer researcher position and can establish with the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. Praying for your future care going forward. Glad that house got painted without injury. Did you paint it a new color?– say ” “Waters of Bimini” green or “Ristretto Rain” blue? 😄


  2. Hi Mike, I’m hoping for nothing but good news at SCCA including getting hooked up with a specialist. Best of luck to you in obtaining the Cancer research position. I know this would really be great for you..mentally, physically and of course financially. I’m sorry there are no headache specialist positions available as that need is so great but so of course is anything related to Cancer. Just happy to know things are moving in the right direction as far as your health and I pray it continues. Painting your house is a huge accomplishment..especially with the dangers. I hope it brings a big smile to your face when you look at it now that it is done verses the swearing while in progress. lol Keep us posted about the happenings at SCCA.


  3. Good luck establishing care at SCCA and the job application. With the “horse out of the barn” re: virtual appts (at least thus far), have you considered an online headache practice? It’s not the same as in-person but your expertise and knowledge could go a long way for those that aren’t able to travel and/or would prefer to stay in front of their computer.


    • I was poised to start a headache telemedicine practice (but still requiring face to face new appointments) when COVID broke out and I was advised by oncologist to have no face to face patient contact.


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