Ramblings: A Non Partisan Look at How People Get Their News

I don’t normally do this, but I was so moved by this story by Ted Koppel that I thought it was worth posting here. A long time ago, I started a series of posts about the loss of truth. I ended that before finishing it because I could tell from readership, a growing lack of interest. So, this video is in the vein of this process of searching for truth. We are in trouble.

I remember the first night I went on the internet and I was amazed. I thought of how much good could be done by that new tool. However, all good things have a dark side. This is certainly a dark age based on the total loss of truth.



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One response to “Ramblings: A Non Partisan Look at How People Get Their News”

  1. So disheartening my friend. Whatever happened to critical thinking skills. They’ve been gone for a long time.

    I hope you and Denise are well we miss seeing you.


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