Headache Clinic, Update

As I have a few of my old patients who monitor this website, I thought this would be the best way to communicate. Just a few weeks ago I announced the death of our old headache practice. I am please now to announce that Dr. James Moren (my previous partner) will be restarting a headache clinic in Bellingham. You can start making appointments on March 15, 2021 at the following phone number: 360 392-2917.

Will I be joining him? Not at this time. It is quite expensive starting a new practice (malpractice insurance to name one) and at this juncture it would be prohibitive for me. In the future, if Dr. Moren becomes very busy and needs help, I may reconsider . . . as the state of my health permits. I am keeping up my PA license and certification just in case.

I hope the best for you. Most of you have seen Dr. Moren in the past, if you have not, he is superb in the area of headache management (board certified in headache medicine, which no neurologist in our area holds) and he shares my compassion for headache sufferers.

Mike Jones


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  1. Thanks very much, Mike. I’ll be calling Dr. Moren soon. I hope you’r enjoying the beginning of spring even though today was pretty chilly and windy in Bellingham. Candy meacham


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