Beta Reader for Retribution

I have just completed my eleventh draft of my new novel, Retribution. I am looking for someone who enjoys reading fiction and would be willing to be a “beta reader.”

Feature: Horn-handle knife Jambiya symbolizes Yemeni tribes' peace - Xinhua  |
Yemenis Ceremonial Knife, Knowns as a Jambiya

The book is an “upscale” thriller, meaning in this case a thriller with a thoughtful backstory and believable characters. The story starts with an American medical worker in a Yemenis refugee camp and ends with . . . well, you will have to read the story.

Yemni Swag.

While this is a late draft, it is not the final. I am not looking for someone to do the meticulous work of proof-reading or editing, which professionals will do later. The beta reader would leisurely read it and to give honest feedback. This will be my eighth book, and I’m trying to create my best book so far, and you can help me make sure I’m on the right path.

I can supply the manuscript in any form the reader wants. Hard copy, MS-Word, PDF, or Kindle. If you are interested, please send me a private message.


Mike Jones


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5 responses to “Beta Reader for Retribution”

    • Ed, I am humbled that you are willing. What is the best way for me to communicate with you? If you send me a new comment here with your contact (physical address if you want a physical copy or email for the other) and I will not allow it to go public here. I will also explain, but I assumed you understand what I’m after, simply, “How does it read? How do I make it better?”


    • Ron, thanks so much for being willing to do this. Can you send me your contact information for the Kindle version? If you want to send it to me as a new comment, I will not allow it to go public on this forum. I hope you are doing well. I remember our days of toying with the beginnings of rock climbing. I think you went on in CO to actually do some (if I heard right). I did some mountaineering but only a little rock climbing. I still have the gear.


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