A Moment of Apology

I want to say that I am sincerely sorry for any offense words I have used in this blog over the past few years. I tend to feel strongly about things, good things and bad. As most of you know, I have had strong (negative) views toward Donald Trump. There is no reason to discuss him anymore. I have strong (positive views) about our care for nature, including the issue of climate change. I have strong views about justice, including racial injustice. I have dismay at my old evangelical church. I also have strong views about the COVID pandemic and the scientific data about that infection and how to end it.

However, despite what I may have sounded like at times, I have no disrespect for those who have different views. I do not think those people are stupid, immoral (maybe misled at times, which can lead to immoral decisions; but I recognize they see me the same way), or simply bad people. It is a core belief of my own that all of creation has intrinsic value and therefore deserves respect.

During these years of much political division within the United States, many people have seen friendships ended. I have. I have also seen many family ties strained. From my perspective, as someone who may be much closer to the end of their life than the beginning, I value friendships and family ties greatly . . . yet, while not compromising my principles.

I invite those who love and admire Donald Trump, who are against getting vaccinated for COVID, evangelicals, even those who don’t believe that racial injustice is real, to remain my friend. To keep the family ties and let us learn to dialog in respectful ways.

I suspect that if we all sat down and laid out our core values of life, most of them would be congruent. We are only inconsistent with each other in our understanding and interpretation of the reality that we examine.

But I do apologize for using language that may have hurt you or you may have interpreted as disrespect. I will try to do better.



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One response to “A Moment of Apology”

  1. Very well said Mike. I pray that your mind and body have a day of peace, enjoying the beautiful nature we are so blessed being part of.


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