Heath Update: 7/22/21

Monthly labs returned this morning. First the good news. My renal labs had a remarkable improvement (after dropping last month). This month my estimated GFR went from 22.2 to 27.5 which is a rather profound improvement for 30 days. Now my kidneys are functioning at about half normal rather than just a fraction.

My cancer monitoring was slightly worse, but in ways unchanged. This was measured by my Lambda Light Chains proteins. We will watch this carefully and if rose significantly, I will have to switch cancer treatment.

I completed my first flight since covid, to see my Minnesota family. So far I have not caught anything from that trip, for which I’m thankful.

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8 responses to “Heath Update: 7/22/21”

  1. So glad you were able to take a trip and see family. Sometimes that is better than medicine. Good luck with the chemo and follow-up labs!
    I think of you often and appreciate the updates.


  2. I completed my first flight since covid, to see my Minnesota family.

    I probably won’t need to fly for another year, but wouldn’t mind an account of your experiences and/or advice about what to expect.
    On my end, I’m going back to places I would frequent before the lockdown and seeing if they survivied and how they’re doing.


    • With my risk factors, I will not fly again unless it is an emergency, until next year. I’m so disappointed in those who
      choose to believe nonsense about the vaccine, are not getting it, and endangering us all. Air travel is spending a long time in a closed space with lots of strangers, while I know the air exchange is rapid, the spaces are close. I’ve been sick since my return an am going for a COVID test now. If this is COVID, it is a mild to moderate case, which is a godsend for me (and thanks for my vaccine), but more likely just a bad chest cold.


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