Ramblings: The Celebration of the COVID Vaccine for Children

It is a momentous movement in our fight against the COVID pandemic. Up to now, 6.4 million American children have had COVID and 700 have died, but that is the tip of the iceberg. They have carried COVID to many parents, teachers, and grandparents causing many more hospitalizations and deaths. It is day to celebrate. I am concerned however, that only 35% of parents said they would definitely get the vaccine for their children. I know that if my kids were still young, I would fight my way to be first in line for their vaccination. I would do this, because I love them. I have complete confidence in the vaccine because I’ve read virtually every study done as well as all the misinformation that is circulating. I am not suggesting that the 65% of parents who will not get their children vaccinated don’t love their children. Of course they do. But I do feel they have been dangerously misinformed and children will die as a result.

I’ve personally known healthy unvaccinated people who have died. I don’t share these things to win arguments. I’m not sure I will even be here in a year or two and winning arguments no longer matters to me. But I do care deeply about people, especially the little people who will be here for many decades, if we give them the chance.

The “Debate”

The safety and efficacy of COVID vaccines is not debated in the scientific community because the data is overwhelming. That is different than say the new Alzheimer’s drug, aducanumab. In that case the FDA approved it, and big pharma wanted it approved, but there is real debate among experts if it should have been approved. Not that it is dangerous, but that the data supporting the clinical benefits is not that convincing and may not be worth the money or the few side effects it does cause.

But in the case of the COVID vaccine, among those who really know viruses, vaccines, and research are overwhelmingly (>99%) support that not only should they have been approved, but also the idea that everyone should be vaccinated.

The so-called “debate” is between factual information confirmed by studies of thousands of patients and misinformation being generated by laypeople, hearsay, or well organized misinformation campaigns by people who will benefit from those campaigns financially or politically, often presently in highly emotional ways.

The Mayo Clinic Factor

Mayo Clinic is highly respected around the world. Few people would not jump at the chance to take their family with a serious illness there. I had the privilege of working there for five years and I vouch that their standards for truth is greater than any institution I’ve ever been associated with.

I remember standing on an elevator at Mayo Clinic, Rochester one morning, leaving a meeting where I spoke. A physician and attendee of that meeting was on the elevator and asked me, “Where do you get the data to support you claim x?”

I scratched my head and said, “Well, it is assumed throughout the headache community that x is true.”

He winked and said, “You should never, ever make claims that are not supported by the data.” That has become a mantra for me since.

I spent hours on the topic researching articles about my statement x. Guess what? I didn’t find the data. Someone just made up x along the way and it was assumed as truth. I was wrong. I changed my mind and stopped declaring x as true. Years later, when better research was done, it proved that x was actually not true. So real research matters. Most people don’t know how to read scientific studies because they are not educated in that area. I don’t know how to generate paper work to sell a house or plot a route of an airplane, because I’ve never studied it.

You should never, ever make claims that are not supported by the data.

Laypeople often tell me they have “researched” the vaccine and don’t trust it. Because they are not trained in interpreting scientific data what they really mean is that they have read information A from the pro vaccination people and compared it to information B from the anti-vax people. The scientists could quickly debunk the information B, because there is no anti COVID vaccination data. None. The claims of so, are false. If you think you have some send it to me.

Mayo Clinics’ defense of the vaccine is here.

Now, if you are a conspiracy believer, that the vaccine is very dangerous, the side effects are being hidden so that pharma can just make money, stop to think for a minute. Do you really think that the 4,500 physicians and researchers at Mayo Clinic have never seen Trucker Carlson (college dropout by the way)claim that “They have been lying to you about the COVID vaccine?” Do you really think these highly intelligent, hard working, highly moral (Mayo has a very high standard of ethics, including ethical guidelines of not being unduly influence by money, politics or big pharma) have been duped, yet Joe Smo on Face Book, who never studied science for one day, doesn’t know how to read a scientific study, has suddenly discovered that vaccines cause children to become gay (or whatever the latest claim is, tongue-n-cheek here)? Does that really make sense? What about the tens of thousands of physicians and researchers in virology from countries around the world who strongly support the vaccine? They have been duped by “big pharma?” Meditate on that idea for a while. Yet believe a man or woman who has never studied science but instead, spent his life making millions of dollars by suing vaccine companies, is telling the truth?


I will stop here. I wrote this as a celebration but today being my high steroid day, I have to be careful as seeing the harm and deaths first hand, it is personal. I will finish in bullet statements. But I will not argue about it. Many topics are debatable. If everyone had been vaccinated last spring, the pandemic would be far in our rear-view mirror. The present continuation of the pandemic is the unvaccinated’ s “gift” to America. We can do better. We are smarter than this. We are more caring than this.

  • In America 46 million people have had COVID. While for some it was mild, for many it was serious and has left them with long haul symptoms. COVID is a wicked virus. If everyone had been vaccinated, this would have been only 4 million and virtually ended by July.
  • In America 760 thousand dear people have died a horrible death from COVID. If everyone had been vaccinated, only 70,000 people would have died.
  • The data is clear. The vaccine does work. More than 90% of people admitted to hospitals for COVID and more than 98% who die … were unvaccinated, while only 35-40% of the population are unvaccinated. If you have heard of a vaccinated person being admitted or died it does mean the “vaccine doesn’t work” but it works exactly as the studies showed, 90-98% effective.
  • There have been 4.5 billion (yes that’s billion) doses of the COVID vaccines given around the world. The side effects are followed very carefully and documented and in summary, the vaccine is literally one million times less dangerous than COVID is itself. There is false information being circulated about side effects and deaths from vaccines. Simply a lie. Shameful.
  • There is no vitamin, exercise, state of good health, anti-worm medicine, that prevents COVID or treats it. These things have been tested in thousands of patients and found to have no benefit. Go to Google scholar and look up the studies and then sit with someone who is trained to read studies.

Stay safe. Propagating false information about COVID is the same as driving drunk. Someone is going to get killed. Get your kids vaccinated.



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