Ramblings: Marcus Lamb, Sadly, Another Evangelical Anti-COVID Vaccine Proponent Dies from COVID

Once again, I speak about COVID. My heart is heavy about the people we have lost, most of them needlessly, because of false information.

When I share these stories, I have no gloat, no “I told you so,” but to argue against those false narratives that are getting people killed so others don’t have to get sick and die.

The Late Marcus Lamb

I had a 2-hour conversation with an old friend last week, he still an evangelical. He shared his views, where are completely consistent with the “Republican Dogma or narrative.” This is a world health care crisis and is not an issue of politics or religion. The Christianity I once knew was emphatic that truth was real and lying was sin. I don’t know what happened to them. A total loss of truth. Most of the believers in this dogma are good people, sincere in their beliefs, but sincerity doesn’t protect you from COVID.

I am as perplexed as I can be why I keep hearing this false information, always the same, about COVID. Why is this political? Heart disease is not political or religious. You don’t hear people say “I don’t believe in heart medicines or bypass surgery.” You don’t hear conspiracy theories about diabetes. Why COVID? I will restate once more what the nonpolitical evidence really is:

COVID is real, it will kill a million Americans before this is over. Many get by with mild symptoms, many also have long haul symptoms and death. Worse than Spanish Flu already. The COVID vaccines are better studied than any treatment in history, thanks to nearly five billion doses given and careful records of outcome. They are profoundly safe. They are also more than 90% effective, far, far better than any COVID treatment. Unlike my what my evangelical friend claims, there is no conspiracy by the “liberals” that hospitals are being paid money to falsify death records to show more people dying of COVID. If you have ever worked in the medical field you would know how absurd this is.

I am not a liberal. I am not a conservative. I don’t see people as blue or red, as Nazis or Socialists, but as people dear to God and I would do anything to protect them. Better treatments are coming, but they are not here yet. COVID and vaccines will be with us for a while. Learn to live with it safely.

Bullshit rots the brain, critical thinking revives it.

Meanwhile: Get vaccinated! Get your booster! If you are not vaccinated, you will eventually have COVID. Too many people will die. One is too many.

Update on Omicron: Thirty countries now reporting it, including one American who had traveled from South Africa. He was fully vaccinated for COVID but no booster injection. His symptoms so far have been quite mild. So, either the vaccine kept them from being severe (which is often the case), or the new variant for him did not case serious disease. But you have probably heard this already.



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2 responses to “Ramblings: Marcus Lamb, Sadly, Another Evangelical Anti-COVID Vaccine Proponent Dies from COVID”

  1. Herman Cain Award right there.
    He definitely got a shoutout on HCA/Reddit.
    (Been following the HCA subreddit for a few weeks. I have never heard such thick Christianese as in some of those social media threads – the invocation of Jesus is My Vaccine, Faith Not Fear, the Godly horse paste, the calls for Prayer Warriors as the ventilator tube goes in, followed by the Angel Wings/Homegoing Announcement and the GoFundMe for medical and “Homegoing Celebration” (funeral) expenses.)


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