Humor in Tragedy; something funny happened on the way to getting incurable cancer.

This is an introduction to my first podcast. Podcasting may be a way for my voice to be heard without writing here on this blog. I thought I would start with a light topic.

Find it here! or Here!


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6 responses to “Humor in Tragedy; something funny happened on the way to getting incurable cancer.”

  1. Podcast description said you grew up in Appalachia.
    Do you pronounce Appalachia with a short or long second “a”?
    (In videos of Appalachian pronunciation, it’s a short “a”. Here in California it’s a long “a”.)

    And have you ever heard of the “John the Balladeer” series (commonly called “Silver John”) by Manly Wade Wellman, supernatural pulp adventures form the Fifites and Sixties set in Appalachia near the TN/NC border region? They center around a wandering minstrel encountering and battling evil with courage, faith, folk magic, and his silver-strung guitar. Collections of the stories are hard to come by these days; the most recent being “Who Fears the Devil?” under Paizo’s “Planet Stories” label, and that’s been out-of-print for over ten years.


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