COVID Omicron Footnote-Bottomline

I said I was done with this. Two things happened. We got a notice that a friend of Denise’s died this weekend from COVID. Sad. Secondly, there were statistics, which I had not found, that I have in hand. Statistics don’t lie, but people do lie about statistics. Among people who really know the most about COVID and the vaccines are certain that COVID is still far more deadly than it should be and that vaccines are profoundly safe. Vaccines are literally about a million times safer than getting COVID and this is still true after 2 billion doses world-wide. History will not be kind to those who spread false information that the vaccines are dangerous, that other treatments work better (or anywhere close), that COVID is not real or serious, or worse, that there is some grand conspiracy by the scientists to make you sick to make money, make Christians sterile, may you gay, or some other bizarre agenda. I am encouraged that Joe Rogan said this morning he is repenting from lying about COVID on his show. I hope that is true. I’m embarrassed that my old culture, the evangelicals, are among the worst for believing and promoting these lies, lies that kill. They are due for a grand repentance as well. So here’s the bottom line as of the end of December. GET VACCINATED! IF VACCINATED, GET BOOSTED!

Status per 100,000 in America December 20211UnvaccinatedVaccinated but UnboostedVaccinated and boosted
COVID Omicron Infection Rate725.6354.8148.6
COVID Death Rate7.8.6.1

Stay safe. I do care about you. I will not allow false information to come in under the comments. Mike


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3 responses to “COVID Omicron Footnote-Bottomline”

  1. Mike,
    Thanks for sharing the statistics in this simple and easy to understand chart. I would like to use it when speaking to those who are vaccine hesitant.


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