A Couple of Thoughts and a New Podcast

I suspect we are all mesmerized by the war in Ukraine. It breaks my heart. One of my greatest interest these days is the pursuit of truth, or epistemology (the study of how we find truth or knowledge). This horrible war is an example of lies gone to seed as hate. Putin lies to himself. His inner circle lies to him. They lie to their citizens via propaganda. It reminds me how dangerous it is to tolerate lies. To tolerate it from our leaders, from our “news” outlets and etc. The more we are in touch with reality, the better the world is.

I have a new podcast for those who are interested, titled “True Spirituality.” What if everything we think of as spiritual, is actually emotional? You can hear it here.

Personal notes:

Denise and I just got back from a quick drive and hike through the redwoods in norther California as she is on spring break. It was a fun time. In ten days I will take my first flight since COVID hit, going to Florida to see my sisters. I just pray that COVID numbers stay down. The day after I get back, April 13th, I will be getting my next labs to monitor my cancer. Things have been going pretty well except I am having a lot of pain recently. It is not clear why. It could be side effects from my chemo, which can cause nerve pain. I just hope we can sort it out for a better quality of life. I will give an update after those labs as to the state of my cancer. Take care. Stay safe. Mike


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3 responses to “A Couple of Thoughts and a New Podcast”

  1. “What is the cost of lies?

    “It’s not that we’ll mistake them for
    the truth. The real danger is that
    if we hear enough lies, then we no
    longer recognize the truth at all.

    “What can we do then? What else is
    left but to abandon even the hope of
    truth, and content ourselves
    instead… with stories.”
    — Opening monologue, Chernobyl (HBO Miniseries)


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