Health Update III

Don’t mean to be melodramatic by posting again, but this is where my family gets their information about my cancer.

I met with my Myeloma specialist today. We repeated the blood tests to make sure they are accurate. Results will be back tomorrow or Wednesday. If the lambda light chains are as high as they were with the Island Hospital labs, then I will go on an aggressive three-drug chemo, once a week for two months. If the counts come down, then I could graduate to a single drug chemo. This was not the plan we had discussed before but she wanted to be aggressive with a proven treatment. Yeah, I’m disappointed as these drugs come with side effects. The most disappointing part was I had almost tapered off steroids and if I do this regiment, I will need to take ten fold what I’ve been taking. Steroids tend to make me manic where I write 10-page blog postings or 500 page books, have sleepless nights, and buy things on Amazon that I don’t really need like Kevlar underpants (joking). This is not to mention people looking at my steroid round face and telling, “Mike you’re getting fat.” It happens more than you would believe. Geez, not much dignity left when you are fighting cancer. But I’m still loved–so I hope.

Mike in Six Months

But a glimmer of hope is that the tests today would come back much better, which would be just shy of a miracle. Thanks for your concern.



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