New Pod Cast; I Think, Therefore I Am … Not Spiritual

I’ve uploaded a new podcast with the above title. Christianity has had an unhealthy conflict between faith and reason since its beginning. But Christianity teaches that God is the creator, including the creator of our reason as our means to finding truth just as our eyes were created to see light. Reason, while not perfect, is God given and beautiful. The idea that reason is from the devil or not as important as faith, has had dire consequences with the loss of objective truth throughout the church’s history. You can listen to it here.

Published by J. Michael Jones

J. Michael Jones is a writer and PA who lives in Anacortes, Washington. He is the father of five children, who are now grown and out discovering this wonderful world on their own. He has previously focused his writing on non-fiction including medical topics and issues of the philosophy of Christian thought. With the success of his last book, Butterflies in the Belfry, Michael is now moving into fiction with his first novel, The Waters of Bimini.

One thought on “New Pod Cast; I Think, Therefore I Am … Not Spiritual

  1. This podcast reminds me of the first Father Brown Mystery “The Blue Cross”, where the antagonist/master thief Flambeau masquerades as a priest to steal the Cross but is foiled by the nondescript priest/detective. At the end, Flambeau asks Fr Brown how he saw through his near-perfect disguise. Fr Brown brings up a theological conversation they had and ends with the comment:
    “You attacked Reason. That’s bad theology.”


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