Health-Lab Update

My results have come in early, and like I said there’s much at state with this. I’ve been on a new chemo for 4 weeks and it was to check if it was working.

The best measurement for my kind of Multiple Myeloma is following the Lambda Light Chain Proteins. Normal is 26.3. When I was diagnosed it was 3,000. I just met a patient like me whose was 5500. The best mine had ever done, since diagnosis, was about 50 and that was immediately after my stem cell transplant. It was 245 four weeks ago. I was hoping the chemo would bring it down to 200. Well, today, after four weeks of intensive therapy, mine was 27. That is a mouse’s eyebrow to normal. The ratio Lambda/Kappa (an even better marker) was normal. I’m stunned. This means that the chemo is working and after another month I can start to streamline the program.

My present intensive program, while starting out with very few side effects, has gotten much worse this week, so it’s a godsend knowing that this intensive program has an end. Thanks so much for your support and I was too giddy to wait until Monday to share the good news. Mike


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18 responses to “Health-Lab Update”

  1. This makes me soooo HAPPY for you, JJ! Sad that you have to bear unpleasant side effects but cheering for the good news with you. 🙂


  2. Michael, this is fantastic news!!! I am crying happy tears for you and your family! Happy Fathers Day.



  3. This is such wonderful and encouraging news for you and your family Mike!! Now take that smile and go enjoy your weekend. 🙂 Happy Father’s Day to you as well..I bet your human and furry family members are very grateful.


  4. Congratulations Mike! What a relief. This is quite encouraging. Thanks for sending the update early.



  5. So happy to hear this news, Mike! I hawk my own lab results at least 4x year (but nowhere near as critical as yours). Know that folks on “the other coast” are praying for you, too…I am amazed at your continued perseverance, continuing to use your talents to encourage others; pray that I will have some of that hopeful discipline, too.


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